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30 sep 2022 om 20:46 It took double the time indicated. Food was cold and drink was warm. Waste of time and money. Could not call restaurant since no number provided.
28 sep 2022 om 21:48 Great Food.
26 sep 2022 om 3:42 Food doesn't taste good!
25 sep 2022 om 22:29 Uhmm. I don't know what to write. The food was as usual and great.
23 sep 2022 om 11:55 het eten was wel erg lekker en de portie goed maar de bezorgtijd was te lang!
18 sep 2022 om 22:25 De bezorgtijd was 2 uur, dus 2 uur. Verder was het eten wel erg lekker en de portie goed! Ter excuses van de vertraging kreeg ik wel een extra drankje
18 sep 2022 om 3:23 I was too early, maybe because the food was already ready. Because I am addicted to Bombay Corner, especially Chicken Tikka Masala. I can't give a rating lower than 5 stars. The food is always super delicious and the service is perfect.
16 sep 2022 om 22:01 Brilliant food, but delivery can take a while.
11 sep 2022 om 23:26 very good
4 sep 2022 om 20:04 Superlekker!
3 sep 2022 om 22:46 We ordered Naan and we received just one small piece of Naan instead of full Naan, Taste was okaish.
3 sep 2022 om 9:14 The best Tikka masala we’ve ever had!